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  • “Love your nail polish! What color is that? Would love to get that next time Ack sorry - I don’t remember!”.
  • “Heading to the salon - what color should I get?”
  • “Thought I would love this nude but it looks terrible now that I see it on. Now I’m stuck with it for 3 weeks. How will I remember not to get this again?”

Polished is an inclusive, honest and real community for manicure enthusiasts to log and share their favorite polishes and get inspired for their next manicure. Polished app users can track and share what polishes they’ve already worn, browse what everyone else is wearing, and shop for new polishes.

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Polished Features


See what everyone is wearing

Browse the home page to see what others in the community are currently wearing.


Save your favorites

See something you like? Click ‘save’ so you can reference it for your next trip to the salon or nail polish shopping spree.

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Log your own manicures

Take a picture of your mani, and log the polish brand and color so you know what colors you’ve already tried. You’re also helping the rest of the Polished community so they can see how polishes look on real life manicures.


Find where to buy

Our polish database has over 1,000 unique polishes (and growing!), including many with direct links to purchase online.

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